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Monday, October 6, 2014

Friday, August 15, 2014

Don't Get It Twisted

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My good friend Audrey and I took these photos a few weeks ago and I've been itching to post them. I'm going to keep this short and sweet (since I'm rushing this during my lunch break at Aveda). I absolutely love the comfort of this Brandy Melville dress, the open detailing on the back allows me to show of my favorite tattoo ( I often forget I have it due to its placement). The hat was thrown on to add a lil' somethin' although I wouldn't recommend it on a windy day... It will fly off your head and you'll be running down the street chasing a mysterious black blob. Super short. Super sweet.

Wednesday, August 6, 2014

Walk This Way

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Well guys... it has been over two months since my last post, and I vow to never take that long to post ever again... scouts honor! This lil' number was thrown together in a matter of seconds yet it feels like one of my most thought out outfits. Lately I have been a huge fan of the oversized kimono, because its so comfortable. its becoming my security blanket. Every time I wear something that shows midriff I feel like I need to balance it out with something oversized and flowy. The kimono always does the job even in unbearable summer heat. So, lets talk about the body chain... despite the confusion I had putting on my first body chain, I fell in love. deeply, deeply, in love. I was worried it would snag on things and break, but it never got in the way. needless to say, I have another one coming in the mail.

     Kimono||NastyGal, White Tank||Urban Outfitters, Shorts||Urban Outfitters, Body Chain||NastyGal, Boots||CottonOn    

Thursday, May 22, 2014

Birthday Hues

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That's right ladies and gents, today marks the last birthday that ill actually WANT to celebrate. I have made it through over 7670 days on this earth (gotta love google). I had a low key night consisting of a few midnight drinks and saying good riddance to Mary (you've helped me drink underage for quite some time, it was time to pass you on to someone who needs your assistance). So let this be my cheers to you, for all who have wished me a happy birthday and enjoy my blog posts! and if you're not 21, may all your fakes work effortlessly in your favor!

When I first set my eyes on this royal blue door, I knew it would be debuting in my next blog post. And of course I just had to incorporate leather... or pleather I guess? Not sure where the sense was in that, but the outfit is cute so the sweat and blisters on my heels were worth it. The platform loafers were a pain to break in but I must say, I love the extra height. I'm 5'3 and any help I can get, I'm all for. I felt a little too exposed with the tight fit of the pleather pants and midriff combo, so I added a plaid button up around my waist to make it a little more comforting. Confidence is key and comfort it vital.
Pants|| Cotton On, White Halter|| PacSun, Shoes|| Shelly's London, Plaid Button Up|| Forever21

Wednesday, May 14, 2014

No Bra No Problem

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Novella Royale. Need I say more? This brand has quickly became one of my ultimate favorites. I had no idea when I bought the dress how the material would fit or feel. But upon receiving this beauty of a dress I became hooked. This little number is made of 100 percent recycled fabric, and it is super soft and comfortable. There's something about it that's just....freeing (hence the reason why this post is titled 'no bra no problem' if you catch my drift). Paired with my new favorite fitted dress, I've worn my Dolce vita heels designed by Vanessa mooney (another new favorite of mine). You can expect to see a lot more posts from these brands!
Dress|| Novella Royale, Shoes|| Dolce Vita/ Vanessa Mooney, Shades|| Nasty Gal

Monday, May 5, 2014

A lil' DIY action for ya

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Dark to light blue Ombre (or red, or purple, or any other color)
You will need:
-color polish of your choice
-white polish
-plastic wrap
-toothpick (recommended if you don't want to ruin your brush)
-cap full of polish remover
 photo e782c39d-d6f3-4733-84cf-152094fc73f0.jpg
For my nails I chose 'Butler Please' by Essie and used 'Blanc' by Essie as my white to dilute the blue
into lighter shades.
 photo eee05c58-9bda-442e-b5fc-8f3d2a4726a1.jpg
I used a lid from a bleach bucket to cover with plastic wrap so I could minimize clean up time at the
end of the process.
 photo 1d4de05b-35e2-41d3-9d87-2bf4288d321c.jpg
Start by dripping the white polish onto the plastic wrap in a circle about the size of a dime. (only
work on one hand at a time, the polish will dry very fast)
 photo 94520f7d-170d-4608-b998-ef1122732b25.jpg
 photo 8c27ab74-5d6d-458c-b3fc-9faeee527e3d.jpg
I started by making the lightest shade of blue.
I wiped my brush after dipping it into the blue so that when I held it up there wasn't enough polish to
make a drop. (the blue used was very pigmented so even a drop would have made the 'lightest blue'
way too dark.)
 photo 2a400289-7a41-49bd-87e5-6bdaa1d509a1.jpg
I used the brush to mix the white and blue.
This is where the toothpick comes into play, if you don't want to use the brush.
On the other hand, if you do use the brush, use the cap of polish remover to clean it before putting it
back into the bottle.
(I wouldn't suggest using the white to mix at all, even if you plan on cleaning the brush. It may still
stain the rest of the white and turn it into a nasty color.(learned that the hard way))
 photo f2eeb636-90be-4dc4-be22-4b5c1aa6923a.jpg
Make 3 more dime size droplets of white polish to mix with more blue.
 photo 9ff3b91e-32a9-4742-93f7-d72d53b7d775.jpg
Add one small drop to the one that is meant to be a shade darker than the lightest one, and add two
small drops to the next, and three drops to the third. (The fourth will just be the chosen color as it is)
Also make a note of the fact that some polishes are more pigmented than others so they may need
some extra guidance to make the Ombre affect.
 photo 6bd700a0-44b0-4b85-b249-aa22c7d8bcbc.jpg
Repeat on the second hand!
(It's best to use the dried up spots you used for your first hand so you can match the color
more accurately) To finish the look I used a clear coat of gel.
I got the kit at Walmart for about $40
 photo 70a5edbb-f335-4d9f-a87a-afbcabca42c3.jpg
If I missed any steps or you need more detail on instructions, please let me know in the comments.
Enjoy Babes!